So that was valentine’s day, thanks for watching!

Well that was fun. I always enjoy tell you all about what apps I like using and which devices work for me. But whilst I was going over which devices I do like it did occur to me that there is a real gap in this market. A gap for a device like a QY-100. Something that I thought that the KDJ-1 would fill, but of course it hasn’t arrived as yet. It’s late. Very late.

The other possible contender to fill that space might be Arpeggio, although not as good a fit as the KDJ-1. Sadly I think that a lot of manufacturers have stopped thinking in this space and stopped exploring it as iOS (and Android to a lesser degree) have pretty much tied it up, or at least developers have anyway.

But that makes life a bit limiting doesn’t it. Yes, there’s the OP-1, and at some point in the future the OP-Z too, although it isn’t clear just how that’ll work without an app or other device to work with it.

I don’t have a solution for this, but I think there should be one. I think it would be good to have some more options. Not that iOS, or Android for that matter, are bad choices for making music. It’s just that having something else would be nice to.

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