14 mobile hardware devices I love: 8 – iRig MIDI 2

Actually I think that both of the iRig MIDI devices from IK were (are) pretty good, and both have served me really well. Of course I realise that as time goes on less people are reliant on MIDI, especially sync as we move more and more to an Ableton Link based world. Who knows how that will look in a year’s time?

But I remember first getting the iRig MIDI, the original and being very impressed with it. Of course, back then the only similar device was the Line 6 MIDI Mobiliser. That was good too, but the iRig MIDI was just ahead.

Of course version 2 got even better and has been immensely useful to me, and it is a lot simpler to work with as well. I still use it now.

IK Multimedia - iRig MIDI 2

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