I couldn’t really let this opportunity slip to mention the OP-1. It is simply a work of genius, and, unlike many hardware devices, in continuous development by its makers. In fact, according to recent NAMM coverage, Teenage Engineering have a new OS in the works. I’m always impressed by that.

It is both a source of inspiration and frustration as well for me. At times I love it, I love the design aesthetic, the execution and the joy of the device, and at other times I find myself completely frustrated by not seeming to be able to actually finish anything with it!

Even so, it has to be on my list, and I suspect that when the OP-Z arrives, that’ll probably be on a subsequent list too.

Of course, the one downside to the OP-1 is it’s price. Getting one from Teenage Engineering will set you back around €949 (about £700). However, the OP-1 can be had on eBay for less.

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