14 mobile hardware devices I love: 4 -The Palm T3

By mentioning the Palm T3 I can, by simple extension, talk about Palm OS music making. Ok, it’s a tad tenuous when this is meant to be about hardware, but I’m stretching a point because I can!

I last mentioned both Bhajis Loops and Microbe on so many occasions, and I think as part of my 24 apps of 2012 as well, which is probably no surprise either.

I’ve mentioned Palm OS music making on many occasions of course, primarily because that’s where PalmSounds really comes from, and my days of using an old Pam Tungsten T3 (and actually prior to that a series of older PDAs) for music making are in many ways what inspired the start of this blog. These old devices shouldn’t be overlook, as I’ve posted before, you can set up your own little bit of music making history by getting a Palm Tungsten T3 from eBay or a Palm Tungsten TX for that matter and grabbing both Bhajis Loops and Microbe for free. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun in doing so and it won’t set you back much these days.

I still miss those Palm days, and I’m not on my own there (I’m looking at you Jo!). Finally, if you’ve got this far, and your still interested in a bit more about Palm OS music, I’ve put out a couple of unfinished collections of pieces which were both made using Bhajis. You can find these on Bandcamp.  Also you might want to check out this old post about constructing a £50 mobile music studio, if you want to take the leap yourself. Also it’ll tell you a lot more about Bhajis and what it does.

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