14 apps I love: 5 -Auxy


I can remember when I first talked to Henrik about how he wanted to change music making on mobile over a cup of tea in Soho. I thought that his ideas were ambitious to say the least, but in hindsight he really did know what he was doing.

Auxy is a one of the simplest apps for making music whilst at the same time providing you with a really expressive too for creativity. When the iPad version came out I was impressed, but when the iPhone version came out I was truly blown away.

The interface is clean and simple and provides you with everything you need for making music, and when you want to go a bit deeper, that’s there too. Now that it has Link it’s even better still.

I am sure that Auxy has a great future in front of it and if you’ve never seen it or tried it then I’d strongly suggest that you rectify that now.

Auxy on iPad:

Auxy on iPhone:

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