14 apps I love: 4 -Synergy Studio

You might find that this a strange choice for my 14 apps that I love. That’s ok. Synergy Studio was originally released by 4Pockets back in 2012. It has seen little or no updates for a long time now, which is a real shame, and I have a nasty suspicion that nothing is happening over at 4pockets at all, especially given that their site talks about the site being under development now that it is owned by someone called Kal holdings.

4pockets developed some of the earliest Windows Mobile music apps around. In fact, Meteor (multitrack app) was the first multitrack that came to Windows Mobile, in fact probably the only one. When iOS arrived 4pockets started to bring their music apps the new platform, and did quite well, but now seem to have gone dark.

I really liked Synergy because I found that it fitted well with my workflow for song writing. It still does, but as it looks like it won’t be getting any updates for the foreseeable future, then at some point I may have to move away from it. That’ll be a sad day for me personally.

Anyway, I still really like this app.

Synergy Studio on the app store:

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