14 apps I love: 14 – Gadget


Last and by no means least is Korg’s Gadget. One of my all time favourite apps, Gadget is awesome, completely awesome and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that. I was really impressed when it first came out and it’s only got better and better. When Korg first brought it out the first thing that struck me was that it wasn’t another recreation of their existing hardware or software. It was in fact something entirely new and unique to iOS.

What I really love about Gadget revolves around firstly how self contained it is, and secondly the sheer choice and range of instruments inside it. It really does have just about everything. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want more instruments choices in there, of course I would, and I hope that more come, perhaps in the next update.

I’m really looking forward to when it comes to the iPhone next month, and I only hope that Korg to as good a job on it there as they have on the iPad.

If you haven’t tried Gadget (and you almost certainly have) then you really don’t know what you’re missing. I’d highly recommend it.

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