14 apps I love: 1 -Flux:FX

So here we got, the 14 apps I love, at least for today! And I’m starting with Flux:FX!

This is a relatively new app that I’ve added to my list of ones that I love. I only really recently started to explore it with some pieces I made using a Ukulele, the iRig Acoustic, a Mogees and of course Flux:FX Play.

Here are the pieces:

When I refer to FLUX:FX I’m actually referring to both versions, the iPhone and the iPad versions, both of which are excellent and give you the ability to create some truly amazing effects patches. I think I’ve only scratched the surface of this app, and I firmly believe that it has so much more to offer, so I’m looking forward to continuing to explore and enjoy its potential.

If you don’t know either the iPad or iPhone version then I can strongly recommend these to you.

FLUX:FX (iPad version) on the app store:

FLUX:FX Play (iPhone version) on the app store:

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