If you’re in London this weekend you should take a look at this

I mentioned The School of Noise yesterday. If you’re interested in actually seeing what they do you might want to come along to the Festival of Imagination at Chats Palace in Hackney tomorrow or Sunday. It looks like it’ll be a pretty awesome event. You can find details and tickets here.

Video: Takete – Layering Granular Synths (Advanced Technique)

Video description:

“How to layer granular synth instruments with a matrix controller on a polyphonic channel to create more detailed sounds.”

Video published by RefinedStochastic.

Takete on the app store:

Video: Apple Music Memos App Review by Sweetwater

Video description:

“Mitch Gallagher presents the Music Memos app from Apple. This handy recorder app makes it easy to capture song ideas when you’re inspired. After the video, click the link below for more info on Music Memos and other music related apps.”

Video published by SweetwaterSound.

Music Memos on the app store:

Caustic Metadata editor (android)

Musical Android posted about this app which I had no idea actually existed. It looks kind of useful, but, as per the title, it’s for Android only. Handy for Android users of course, not so much for iOS people.

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