Video: Tutorial: The Sampler in modstep

Video description:

“Quick intro to the Sampler in modstep. For more info on the Sampler and other features in modstep go here:

Video published by MODSTEP.

MODSTEP on the app store:

Video: Takete – Sample Drum & Clip Measure

Video description:

“Change the pattern length in the Sample Drum instrument by changing the clip measure length parameter.”

Video published by RefinedStochastic.

Takete on the app store:

Loopy and Loopy HD get updated

Both versions of Loopy get an update today. Here’s what’s new:

“This update adds the ability to start a new session while connected to Ableton Link, and keep the session tempo intact. It also fixes a couple of minor bugs and crashes. Take that, bugs and crashes!”

Loopy on the app store:

and Loopy HD on the app store:

Video: Let’s take a look at what’s coming in apeFilter 1.4

Video description:

“Work in progress for the new update”

Video published by Alessandro Petrolati.

apeFilter on the app store:

Phlox Phaser 1.2 is here

So there’s a new version of Phlox Phaser, version 1.2 brings the app as an audio unit too, plus there’s more, here’s what:

  • Native preset saving.
  • DSP optimization for improved performance.
  • Reduced application size.
  • Embedded iOS 9 Audio Unit – now you can use phlox phaser inside your favourite audio unit host.

Phlox Phaser on the app store:

midimittr 1.7 has arrived

The midimittr USB desktop companion now supports Inter-Device Audio and MIDI over Bluetooth functionality on OSX 10.11.

Connect your device to your mac and use it as an external audio input source by enabling it in the new iOS Audio window.

Get the app from:

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