Say hello to the School of Noise

I’ve posted once before about the School of Noise. I worked with them as a part of SoundLab’s Play Space event at NESTA in November, and they were amazing. So much so that I knew that I couldn’t leave it there and not be a part of what they were trying to achieve. So I expect to be doing stuff with them from now on, and you can expect that you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming weeks.

It’s not just the amazing array of musical equipment that they brought, but also the approach they took to working with it that really distinguishes them. They have a really inspiring attitude to making music and encouraging others to do so.

They’ve already worked at a range of festivals in 2015, such as WOMAD, which was apparently a big hit, and they’ve got more planned for this year.

They were a huge hit at the NESTA Play Space according to just about everyone I spoke to, so I’m looking forward to working with them a bit more in the future. Stay tuned for that!


If you want to know more about the School of Noise then you should definitely check out their web site here.

Is GrooveCloud 2.0 going multi-platform?


More detail on FieldScaper 1.3

So there’s a bit more detail on what’s coming to FieldScaper 1.3 and how it’ll work. You can find the detail over at the Motion Soundscape blog.

Video: Different Drummer Medley 4 4 1 (this is a long video)

Video description:

“Here’s a long video that runs through some more Zenterface, Zen Phaser and other stuff. Feel free to skip around as it can get a little tedious but hopefully you’ll learn something. I didn’t use MIDI or Link on this one but those are a lot of fun too.”

Video published by Different Drummer.

Different Drummer on the app store:

Navichord 2.0 arrives

Navichord 2.0 brings a lot of new features …

  • All-new chord pad layout
  • Quick chord and voicing modification
  • Chord presets and randomization
  • MIDI messages for chord pads
  • Quick help walkthrough
  • 10 internal instruments
  • Internal instruments can be loaded separately to the grid/pads and the keyboard
  • Stability and speed improvements

Navichord on the app store:

Video: Takete – Automating video FX using Controller Touch

Video description:

“Add the Controller Touch unit to a clip to modulate video FX parameters.”

Video published by RefinedStochastic.

Takete on the app store:

Sidecar MIDI Controller 1.1 is here

Secret Base Design’s Sidecar MIDI Controller goes to version 1.1 with a couple of nice updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for background audio, to enable MIDI relay while in the background.
  • Added support for iOS 8 (slide-over and side-by-side use is only available on iOS 9).

Sidecar MIDI Controller on the app store:

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