Changing some of the menus and pages

You may notice some subtle changes to the pages and menus on the site. The idea being that I’m trying make things a little easier to find, and accommodate some pages I’ll be adding in the near future.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful.


  1. Still unsure if I like the black menus on the left. They might sit better as a single line menu at the base each entry.

    Just my 5c 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s just part of the theme I’m afraid. I’ll be improving it over time, slowly but surely.

      1. Rest of the site is 100000% better than it used to be btw. Everything loads up a lot smoother on my ipad. Old site used to lag and not be very happy.

  2. Best thing is that you now have black text on a white background. Now my eyes don’t bug out after reading PalmSounds each day 🙂

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