Video: Teenage Engineering “Pocket Mixer”… Say What?!

Video description:

“The demo explains everything really, but to make it quick I made a mixer and sync distribution device to use all 6 currently available Pocket Operators at the same time with an audio mixer and 1/4” out jack. Fun! If you like what you see let me know in the comments. With enough demand I may make these with powder coated case, silk screen and color coded knobs.

For the curious – Technically this is a passive summing mixer with 100K Pots and 10K summing resistors. The sync is simply split from the input jack to the output jacks with one single copper wire. Easy peasy. I will use Log (audio taper) pots in the final design. Pan and stereo outs would be hard without adding active circuitry.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. You can do it! Thanks for stopping by to check out another one of my projects captured on video.”

Video published by djthomaswhite.

You can find his drawings for this device here. It’s a nice idea, and a good start. I’d like to see it in a smaller form though really.

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