Video: Cremacaffè design | GoPocket • Pocket Operator traveller bag

Synthtopia brings us news of a new way to carry around your pocket operators. Whilst it looks quite nice, I’m not entirely convinced.

Video description:

“GoPocket is the dream companion of all Pocket Operator owners!
It will keep your micro synths cozy and safe while you are on the move, unfolding in style only once at destination.

Our young designer Davide handcrafted a minimalist packaging, which is light, super resistant, and carries three Pocket Operators at once. GoPocket is easy to wash and highly reusable when needed, for instance to carry jewelry, or paintbrushes.
Our products are handmade and deploy repurposed fabrics, therefore we produce them in a limited stock. Each piece is just as functional, yet unique.

GoPocket | Pocket Operator traveller bag

Video published by Cremacaffè design.

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