NodeBeat is now universal

So NodeBeat has gone universal now. Which makes me wonder what will happen to the HD version by the same name? Anyway, NodeBeat is still a lovely app, and is free too. So if you don’t know it, grab a copy and be almost certainly very pleasantly surprised!


  1. This is Seth (creator of NodeBeat). There is no difference now between NodeBeat HD and NodeBeat. We’ll eventually be removing NodeBeat HD in the long term. We realized that it’s best for both users and us to make NodeBeat universal. Why buy it twice, right? We also wanted to try moving to a freemium model. So, right now we plan on keeping NodeBeat (universal) free and only charge for things that advanced users would want (MIDI, Audiobus, etc). The price is $1.99 which is cheaper than what the HD version was and the same price as the paid price before. So essentially now more people can give Nodebeat a try and use 90% of the features. Everyone who already owned NodeBeat or NodeBeat HD gets a free unlock of the IAP. So if you previously owned either, then you automatically get the “pro” in app purchase.



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