El Capitan and iOS9 users need to check this out, it is amazing!


If you’re an OSX (El Capitan) user, and an iOS9 user, then you need to look at this. It is absolutely amazing. iOXAudio install a little tray bar application into your desktop on El Capitan so that you can quickly enable you iOS Devices to be used as audio inputs of your DAW of choice.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s free and open source. You can download it here and find the source here.

I think that this is pretty big, pretty amazing stuff, so go check it out.

Video: Prismatic – SoundPrism Link edition – Live performance

Video description:

“Prismatic, a live performance that arose from me testing out SoundPrism Link editon. Ableton link enabled apps make every jam session feel like a gift of life!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

SoundPrism Link editon on the app store:

Kymatica’s AUFX series all get updated

Kymatica brings updates to the entire series of AUFX apps (Dub, Space, PeakQ and Push). Here’s what’s new per app:

All AUFX apps:

  • Less complex and more stable audio engine. Should get rid of crashes when connecting to host
  • Follow hardware/host sample rate without converting
  • Offline rendering from AudioShare now works again
  • Various tweaks and improvements

AUFX: Dub:

  • Sync tempo to IAA host

AUFX: Push:

  • Improved connection logic for side-chain input

Video: Cremacaffè design | GoPocket • Pocket Operator traveller bag

Synthtopia brings us news of a new way to carry around your pocket operators. Whilst it looks quite nice, I’m not entirely convinced.

Video description:

“GoPocket is the dream companion of all Pocket Operator owners!
It will keep your micro synths cozy and safe while you are on the move, unfolding in style only once at destination.

Our young designer Davide handcrafted a minimalist packaging, which is light, super resistant, and carries three Pocket Operators at once. GoPocket is easy to wash and highly reusable when needed, for instance to carry jewelry, or paintbrushes.
Our products are handmade and deploy repurposed fabrics, therefore we produce them in a limited stock. Each piece is just as functional, yet unique.

GoPocket | Pocket Operator traveller bag

Video published by Cremacaffè design.

Video: Different Drummer 4.4 Medley

Video description:

“This runs through a few of the infinite possibilities of Different Drummer and also demonstrates a section with Ableton Link with Fugue Machine. Toward the end you can see the notification of approval from the app store that came in while recording…sort of funny.”

Video published by Different Drummer.

Different Drummer on the app store:

Video: playing the PO-20 ARCADE Pocket Operator!

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering/ Cheap Monday PO-20 ARCADE
So much fun!”

Video published by Zombie Nation official.

Video: DreamsOfWires – watching the world go by Pt2 (Nave & iPad)

Video description:

“Part 2 of 3. This is also two layers recorded entirely within Nave, but using Beatmaker 2’s sequencer – I wanted to try to compose something note-by-note in Midi, like I did back in the early 2000’s when I didn’t even own a Midi keyboard, just a sequencer and some softsynths. It was slow-going back then.

The video is a continuation of the journey from Pt1; in this case some views of Newcastle and it’s bridges.

All sounds created from scratch by me.”

Video published by DreamsOfWires.

Video: Tangible Instruments Arpeggio At NAMM 2016

Video description:

“At the 2016 NAMM Show, we got a sneak preview at the Arpeggio synthesizer & arpeggiator.

From Synthtopia’s 2016 NAMM coverage:


Video published by Synthtopia.

Video: Doctor Who theme synthesized on a £4 Raspberry Pi Zero

Video description:

“It is remarkable how much synthesis performance is packed into the Pi Zero. Dazzling. Mind you, you really do have to work very hard indeed to squeeze this much performance out of it …

For reference, here is the AMAZING 1963 original, for me the single most important piece of electronic music ever recorded. The show would have been half of what it was without this – every Saturday evening that weird mutant bassline would kick in, and you were pulled in, just like that. Awesome. Watch it and weep – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75V4ClJZME4″

Video published by Pi Synth.

You have to admit that this is sheer genius! Who would’ve thought that you could get so much out of a Pi Zero!

NodeBeat is now universal

So NodeBeat has gone universal now. Which makes me wonder what will happen to the HD version by the same name? Anyway, NodeBeat is still a lovely app, and is free too. So if you don’t know it, grab a copy and be almost certainly very pleasantly surprised!

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