Something new is coming from MoMinstruments, get ready for Fluxpad

The video just says, “Fieldwork test of MoMinstruments’ Fluxpad at Hotel Ougiya Fukui”, and then points you to this page, which contains a lot of very useful information about their forthcoming app …

Fluxpad features …

  • 6 melody sequencers where you paint your melodies based on a sample of your choice
  • 1 percussion/drum sequencer where paint/tap your groove made of 7 samples of your choice
  • each sound has it’s own sampler settings with unique envelope, loop and start settings
  • quantize / unquantize functions for each sequencer or the whole pattern
  • combine 6 pattern to a longer piece of music
  • ability to record your own samples with the build in microphone
  • huge sample library with high quality sounds/kits made by Mouse on Mars and others
  • lots of demo projects made by Mouse and Mars and others
  • ability to sync via midi to other apps, hardware

And nice to see that they’re working with the maker of Gliss and SQRT, that’s right, TeaTracks!

I’m sure it’ll be as good as WretchUp!

So the app is due for release in ‘early’ 2016. Hopefully earlier rather than later.


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