So what’s happened to Patchfield?

It’s been a while, in fact a very long while, since I mentioned Patchfield, and perhaps longer since I’ve heard it mentioned anywhere. So I thought I’d ask the question, “What’s happened to Patchfield?”, mainly because I’d really like to know.

When Patchfield was first revealed I had high hopes that it would become something that users could get hold of to make stuff in Android themselves. But it seems to have vanished. Ok, that’s not strictly true, the forum is still here, and the GitHub site is still here. But there seems to have been little or no news since the original announcement (which, coincidentally, has a comment from last month!). The Single Cell Software (Caustic) forum had a post about it back in 2013, but that thread has dried up. There have been a few other mentions on the Caustic forums, but nothing terribly recent.

So what, if anything, is happening with Patchfield? Does anyone know? Is it another great idea that has simply not got off the ground? It would be a shame I think, but these things do happen.

If you know, please chip in and comment, or indeed if you have an opinion.

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