If field recording or sound walks are your thing, you might take a look at this


I didn’t know about this app until I heard about it from The Wire. I’d been using Recho on and off but never really felt happy with it so I thought I’d give FoundSounds 2 a look to see if it works for me any better.

I thought there would probably be a few people who were interested in taking a look, so here’s the app’s details:

“FoundSounds is a unique new mobile app blurring the line between a social network and a collaborative art project. The premise is simple: if you find a sound you like, record it and share it with the world. Recordings are geotagged, and you can browse them by scrolling through a timeline or exploring a map. You can also construct sound collages that create intriguing sonic geographies. If enough sounds have been recorded in your area, consider taking a sound walk, which allows you to listen to recordings made near you. Walking past a concert venue would allow you to hear previous performances from that location, while passing by a new building would trigger the sounds of its construction. The vision of FoundSounds is to create a space where people can listen to sounds they might not normally hear.

Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

FoundSounds is free on the app store:

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