OT: If you’re looking to learn Reaktor, this may help


Video: Mini Synth MBX one : Android App

Video description:

“Mini Synth MBX one : Android App”

Via Matrixsynth, who says …

“Thought this was interesting. Pitiloves’ MBX One M2 was a stand alone hardware box. It looks like they ported some if not all of it to Android. No word on an iOS port.”

Video published by Pitiloves Official.

Video: Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI – NAMM 2016

Video: Roland A-01 – NAMM 2016

Video description:

“8-bit digital Module for Roland keyboard.”

Video published by Sound On Sound magazine.

Video: Ableton Link Demo: TF7 Synth + Gadget + Loopy

Video description:

TF7 now works with Gadget and Loopy via Ableton Link and Audiobus!”

Video published by Pier Lim.

TF7 Synth on the app store:

Gadget on the app store:

Loopy on the app store:

Video: Pocket Operators IDM style

Video published by Kevin Polzer.

Video: Resampler an Audio Units Effect by Blamsoft, Demo for iPad

Resampler on the app store:

Video: 7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – apeSoft Stria v2

Stria on the app store:

Video: modstep and Elastic Drums synced via Ableton Link

Video description:

modstep and Elastic Drums synced via Ableton Link, modstep playing the Korg Volca Sample through the iConnectMIDI 2+.”

Video published by MODSTEP.

MODSTEP on the app store:

Elastic Drums on the app store:

Intermorphic’s site gets a beautiful update

I’m a long term fan of Intermorphic, so it’s nice to see their site get an update and look just gorgeous. Go take a look, it’s lovely, in fact, as good as their generative tools, which are brilliant.

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