Video: Music Memos by Apple, Demo and Tutorial for iPad and iPhone

Music Memos on the app store:

Video: KORG DS-10 Plus – Riot in LAGOS

Video published by Masami Hashimoto.

This is so cool. I love the track, have done for years, and this is an awesome version.

Analog Synth X is a new synth for your iPad, and it’s free


Another synth for you to try out on your iPad, Analog Synth X is free on the app store, don’t know about any IAPs as yet.

What’s interesting is that this has been made using AudioKit 3.0, and is on that site as an example of what you can do with the framework. I wonder if other developers will pick it up and see what they can do with it?

Anyway, here’s the app store description …

Matt Fecher’s analog synthesizer for iPad created entirely with the new AudioKit 3.0 framework.

Get the full source code now from the AudioKit website at


  • 5-Voice Virtual Analog Polysynth
  • Dual Morphable VCO Oscillators
  • Dedicated Sub Oscillator
  • FM Oscillator w/ Mod
  • Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
  • Free-running LFO w/ 4 waveforms
  • Multi-tap (Ping-Pong) delay
  • 4-Pole Vintage Modeled Filter
  • ADSR Envelope
  • MIDI in for notes
  • Detune Oscillators by Semitone & Hz
  • Hold & Mono modes for keyboard
  • Noise generator
  • 8-Bit Crusher

Analog Synth X on the app store:

Video: Elastic Drums & Modstep & zMors Modular Ableton Link session

Video description:

“Ableton Link session with zMors Modular, Modstep, Modular, Elastic Drums. Sorry for the cheap beach feeling, but with all that bongo sounds, I could not hold back ;)”

Video published by Oliver Greschke.

zMors Modular on the app store:

Modstep on the app store:

Elastic Drums on the app store:

You may notice some strangeness today

I’m going to be tinkering with themes today, so if stuff appears a little strange over the course of the day, please accept my apologies. It should all settle down soon enough. At least that’s the plan anyway.

Video: PO-12 + PO-14 First Look

Let’s not forget the originals.

Video published by Kevin Polzer.

Video: GeoShred Patch Showcase : Shred Lead

Video description:

“Jordan Rudess showcases the Shred Lead patch included with GeoShred from WizdomMusic and moForte.”

Video published by Jordan Rudess.

GeoShred on the app store:

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