Just in the left hand of this photo you can see about half of an iPhone, and it looks suspiciously like Gadget running on it.

I got the photo from a tweet from SonicState at NAMM. Hopefully this is just another bit of evidence that it is actually coming.


  1. I saw that in person. I think it had a sign saying that Gadget was to be on iPhone too. I thought it had been officially announced. Hopefully it will be universal. Google “korg gadget on iPhone” for more mystery…

    1. Thanks for that. I really hope it does come soon. My guess is that they’ll make it a separate app and not a universal though.

      1. Agreed — it won’t be universal which sucks, but I’ll double dip… if Module and every other app they’ve done is any indication then it’s damn near sure not gonna be universal. I think we’re going to see some time in March that’s what their site says at least, a bit of a wait but will be worth it if it works well on such a small screen. Keeping my expectations in check lol..

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