Video: 2016 Collection for zMors Modular iPad synthesizer

Video description:

“Here is a snapshot of over 50 patches and tweaks that we have spent the last year working on for the zMors Modular iPad Synth. All Patches can be downloaded from for free.”

Video published by sven braun.

zMors Modular on the app store:

Video: Garageband for iPad, New Featues, Using Audio Units

Garageband on the app store:

Video: Takete Lite v1.3 – Recording for Competition Entry

Video description:

“Record a composition using the free iPad app Takete Lite. Post your entry on facebook for a chance to win a copy of Takete. See for more details.”

Video published RefinedStochastic.

Video: Playground – D-Styles – Some Old Funky Sh**

In case you’d missed it, Playground has arrived on the app store, it’s pretty cool, a lot of fun, and it’s free.

MIDI Link Sync 1.0.14 is here

MIDI Link Sync is updated. The guys from Coding Cod keep the updates coming on this app. Only 7 days since the last update!

Here’s what’s new …

▪ MIDI » Ableton Link ▪

Responsiveness to incoming tempo changes has been vastly improved. This means that variations in the incoming MIDI tempo will be picked up much faster and the Link timeline will come into sync much faster, too.

▪ Ableton Link » MIDI ▪

The moment you press Start MIDI Clock, it will start sending out MIDI clock ticks. Then it will send out MIDI start when the timeline wraps around. This allows apps such as Samplr to get a head’s up as to what the tempo will be when the timeline actually starts. We’ve noticed that this helps some apps to respond better.

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