So why is iSEM the only Audio Unit compatible app?

Having started this discussion about pulling together a page to contain a list of available AU compatible synths / instruments it appears that there really is only one! It seems very strange to me, and it wouldn’t be much of a list either.

So, if I’ve got it wrong, please let me know

3 thoughts on “So why is iSEM the only Audio Unit compatible app?”

  1. AU version of the new Bleep Street synth Dagger is coming to ios soon, and then Sunrizer will be updated with AU integration! (from a comment on Bleep streets facebook). I’m sure once we get another 1 or 2 synths – the flood gates will open and we’ll see lots of older synths updated with AU and new ones too!


  2. There is one more, I think Mic Swap is also currently supported as an audio unit instrument.

    Also it appears the reason that there are so few Audio Units as of yet, is it is significantly more complicated to implement, compared to something like inter app audio. If you do a little digging around on the Internet you’ll find a lot of developers on forms trying to figure out how to implement it into their apps, or even some who are trying to bring their desktop audiounits to iOS.


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