MIDI Link Sync 1.0.11

MIDI Link Sync gets some nice little updates. Here’s what’s new:

Tap » Ableton Link

Tap out a rhythm and MIDI Link Sync will attempt to bring your Ableton Link timeline into sync with both your tempo and downbeat.

Improved MIDI » Ableton Link

Support for Song Position and MIDI continue messages means that in apps such as Cubasis, you can now start anywhere on the timeline and MIDI Link Sync will bring the Ableton Link timeline into sync. Previously you had to start at the beginning of the timeline.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved using MIDI » Link with network MIDI
  • Improved accuracy of MIDI beat detection
  • Fixed problem receiving MIDI clock from Cubasis
  • Better support for multi-part start/stop messages (e.g. DJ Player)

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