Takete gets an interesting update, but it’s still $80

Whilst it still looks appealing the price tag is still too high for me. Anyway, here’s what’s new:

  • New icons
  • Audio Recorder instrument
  • Video FX added – Scale, Dot & Edge
  • Smooth and Random options added to Controller Touch unit
  • BPM sync option for Delay FX
  • Reset bar and tap tempo functionality
  • iTunes audio file import
  • Camera roll export
  • New record modes – Audio, Video, Combine & Both


  1. Agreed. I’ve been watching this one with interest for a while. At $20 it would just be too expensive. $80 is a price that tells me “Go the f*@& away!”

  2. $124.99 on the Aus AppStore.

    This reminds me of when Different Drummer first came out and was priced at $150. They are probably trying to generate interest in their app by making people want to check out why this is so expensive (hell, I just went and had a look for that reason alone) and will most probably drop the price to a reasonable one once sales lay dormant for a while.

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