OP-Z NAMM 2016 SNEAK PEEK video from Cuckoo Music

Here’s a long interview from Cuckoo with Teenage Engineering. Some high points for me:

  • They’re still going to do updates for the OP-1
  • There’s a tiny mention that they’re thinking about an OP-2!
  • The OP-Z’s visual element was an early design choice
  • There’s some really interesting things that they’ve done with the sequencer using ‘components’ which will make it a very cool device
  • Teenage Engineering are using the Unity Game Engine, but the graphics are being generated by the device that the OP-Z connects too, not the OP-Z itself, which makes me think that an iOS device could be connected!
  • The device has only been in development for 4 months! That’s insane!
  • The team developing it is 3-5 people
  • There was a comment that they’ve come a long way in 4 months but they can do much more in a year. Does that mean it isn’t coming out for another year?
  • Still no news on release, but 2017 was mentioned (so your wallet is safe for now)
  • No price news either

Anyway, enjoy the video. I did.

Takete gets an interesting update, but it’s still $80

Whilst it still looks appealing the price tag is still too high for me. Anyway, here’s what’s new:

  • New icons
  • Audio Recorder instrument
  • Video FX added – Scale, Dot & Edge
  • Smooth and Random options added to Controller Touch unit
  • BPM sync option for Delay FX
  • Reset bar and tap tempo functionality
  • iTunes audio file import
  • Camera roll export
  • New record modes – Audio, Video, Combine & Both

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