A bit more detail on the OP-Z

The OP-Z seems to be a pretty amazing device. Here’s what’s I’ve gleaned from the video.

  • Sequencer
  • 16 tracks
  • Synth engine based on the OP-1
  • 4 effects tracks
  • 2 tracks for controlling external devices
  • Lego compatible!
  • An external app (don’t know if this will be tablet or desktop or both) to access features and controls
  • A built in video synth that looks amazing and totally off the wall
  • Lots of stuff in the ‘to be announced’ category!

There’s no display, the interface is entirely done with LEDs. Which is going to be interesting and possibly a challenge.

No news on price as yet, but I can’t see it being cheap, can you?

There’s plenty that’s not being said about this device, but even so, if it’s from TE it’s probably going to be good. Unusual, maybe odd, but good.


  1. Wow, this is smaller than I expected.

    I really like that Teenage Engineering stuff and do have the OP 1 and the “older” POs, but the prices are often too high in my opinion. Especially the accessories are overpriced (the OP 1 bender for example… 15 Euros for a piece of plastic and a rubber band… hello ?!?!).

    So, I am excited, how much the OP Z will be.

    1. I know what you mean. I don’t expect it to be cheap at all, but I’m keen to see it for real. Probably time to start saving up!

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