Announcing MIDI Designer Pro 2 and MIDI Designer Player (video)

Awesome stuff! I’ve been a long time fan of MIDI Designer and it is great to see them go from strength to strength. MIDI Designer Pro 2 looks like it will be amazing!

Video description:

“Announcing MIDI Designer Pro 2, just in time for NAMM 2016. MIDI Designer Pro 2 is a beautiful, fully-customizable and performance-oriented MIDI controller platform for iPad (optimized for iPad Pro) and iPhone.

MIDI Designer Pro took the music-making world by storm, and Pro 2 is set to do it all over again!

We’re also announcing MIDI Designer Player, a first-class, lowest-latency MIDI controller player.

Dream, create and play your perfect MIDI controller with award winning MIDI Designer: adored by Recording Magazine (July 2013), loved by Sound on Sound (June 2013), featured in Keyboard (May 2013), and awarded Sonic Touch Gold Award for Best App (Episode 11). Trusted on stage by touring acts like Todd Rundgren, POSTYR and Electroband. Used in studios to control all gear from vintage to cutting-edge, MIDI Designer has been lauded by UK’s House DJ, Shadowchild. Used in theaters, VJ and DJ booths all around the world, MIDI Designer is also the platform for community- and professionally-sourced layouts for top-flight gear, including synths by Korg, Roland and Yamaha. If you can dream it, you can create it in MIDI Designer.

Thanks to Popup, Planeshifter, and Ibo-Kai for your layouts in this video (please let us know if you’ve been omitted).

Music by Superfly: and mastered by Mike (“User #1”)

More Info:

Video published by MIDIDesigner.

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