Video: Using DrumPerfect and DrumPerfect Pro with Auria Pro

Video description:

“A demonstration of driving DrumPerfect from Auria Pro using a MIDI track in Auria Pro and recording all 16 drum kit channels to stereo audio tracks in Auria Pro. The same applies to DrumPerfect Pro – see the short followup video using DrumPerfect Pro as a drop-in replacement.”

Video description:

“A short followup video to the other on DrumPerfect and Auria Pro, this time using DrumPerfect Pro. Do watch the other video to understand the technique. This one simply demonstrates that you can use DrumPerfect Pro as a drop in replacement for DrumPerfect, but the other video goes into the detail of how to do it. Oh – one other thing: I show in this video why the issue of having both a subgroup as well as a bus is important for soloing parts – which I mentioned but forgot to show in the original. Watch both and you’ll put the pieces together ;-)”

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A bunch of Olegtron Samples

If anyone is interested in using these, please do go ahead and download and make stuff with them. If you do, please let me know what it is you make.

Hey! Soulsby Synths are going to NAMM this year


Which is great news. Having met Paul (quite a while back now) it’s great to see how his synth company has grown and taken off over the last few years.

I won’t be at NAMM this year. One day I’d love to go along. If you’re going, and could grab some pictures for me, please get in touch.

Video: Let’s Play with Poseidon (Patch Design & Commentary)

Poseidon Synth on the app store:

Jordan explaining a lot about GeoShred

GeoShred on the app store:

This is such a cool idea

Video description:

“This is a small project I did over the last week or so. It uses a cassette tape player, a teensy 2.0 and an ios device.”

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