Of comings and goings

Before Christmas a couple of things occurred that made me realise that the mobile music community isn’t just as static as perhaps we thought it was.

First of, Alex, who had run iDesignSound and had decided that enough was enough some time ago. He’s back now with a new site called appsfor.audio. Nice name for a site. It’s good to have him back too.

The other return is from Smite Matter, who has been away for a year now. He’s back. Same site though.

It just goes to show that people just can’t stay away from mobile music. We keep coming back to it. I should know! It’s good to have these guys back, and it’s good to have the community stronger again now. Community is very important, it gives us the possibility to share and learn from each other, so when people return, people who have played an important part, it’s good to recognise and celebrate this.

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