The rise of the modular on iOS continues, KQ MiniSynth arrives


Well it probably comes as little surprise to you, it comes as only a small surprise to me that another modular joins the ranks of Audulus, Jasuto, zMors Modular, and AnalogKit. Modular is popular and people love it. So here’s KQ MiniSynth, and it’s universal too.

Here are the app’s details:

The maximum number of modules you can set is 100! ..Of course it depends on your device’s ability. You can install 10 Oscillators, make 10 series FM Modulators, and so on as you want.

  • External MIDI (e.g. iRig MIDI) is Supported.
  • Inter-App Audio is Supported.

This app implements the follow modules.

  • Oscillator
    • Oscillator Type A (Frequency Modulation)
    • Oscillator Type B (Pulse Width Modulation)
    • Super Saw Oscillator
    • Low Frequency Oscillator
    • White Noise Generator
  • Mixer/Amplifier
    • 4 Channel Mixer
    • Voltage-Controlled Amplifier
    • Sample-and-Hold Amplifier
    • Booster
  • Envelope/Logic
    • Envelope Generator Type A
    • Envelope Generator Type B
    • Inverting Circuit
    • Logical And (Series Switch)
    • Logical Or (Parallel Switch)
    • Maximum/Minimum Selector
  • Modulator
    • V/Oct Vibrator
    • Keyboard Level Scaling
    • Ring Modulator
  • Filter/Effector
    • Voltage-Controlled Filter (LPF/HPF/BPF/BEF)
    • Delay Effector
    • Reverb Filter
    • Compressor

The app was tested on iPod touch 4G, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, and iPad mini 3.
The Recommended Minimum Device: iPhone 5, iPad 2, or newer.

If you feel noisy or slow, try to decrease polyphony and increase buffer size on

The app costs $3.99 (£2.99) on the app store.

Of comings and goings

Before Christmas a couple of things occurred that made me realise that the mobile music community isn’t just as static as perhaps we thought it was.

First of, Alex, who had run iDesignSound and had decided that enough was enough some time ago. He’s back now with a new site called Nice name for a site. It’s good to have him back too.

The other return is from Smite Matter, who has been away for a year now. He’s back. Same site though.

It just goes to show that people just can’t stay away from mobile music. We keep coming back to it. I should know! It’s good to have these guys back, and it’s good to have the community stronger again now. Community is very important, it gives us the possibility to share and learn from each other, so when people return, people who have played an important part, it’s good to recognise and celebrate this.

Midiflow 2.2.8 arrives

Midiflow gets an update with some nice new features. Here’s what’s new:

  • Send MIDI based on device motion (needs Controller Remapping)
  • Send MIDI data when a preset is loaded (in-app purchase)
  • MIDI learn for almost all values (split points, channels etc.)
  • Tap clock tempo
  • Control clock tempo via MIDI (controller assignment)
  • Improved responsiveness of the UI

Casio VL Tone with Roland Tape Delay, EMX1, EPS 16+, Microbrute (video)

Video description:

“I found my VL Tone VL-1 yesterday. It might sound cheesy through that little speaker, but plug it in to some FX and it may raise your eyebrow. Also, you can program a sequence of up to 100 notes. That’s what I did here. Then you hit the “One Note Play” buttons and it will play back your sequence one note at a time. The fun of this is that you can control the timing of each note. Vary it up, put in a sequence of whatever length you want, and it gets really cool.”

Published by Earmonkey Music.

Some short videos of my Olegtron

I posted these to Instagram, but I thought I’d include them here too, as they’re kind of fun, and show just what an Olegtron can do.

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