So what’s happened with 4Pockets?

It’s been quite a while since we saw an update of any of the 4pockets apps, or indeed any activity at all for that matter. It’s a shame. When I visited their site recently I got a notice saying that the site and the IP was now the property of Kai Holdings (or something like that anyway).

I hope that at some point they come back and update some of these apps. They were pretty good in my opinion. Apps like Meteor, Aurora, and Synergy Studio, the last being my favourite so far. It would be a shame for it to become abandonware, especially as 4pockets has been such a long standing name in mobile music. They started off with Windows Mobile apps, and did some truly amazing things back then. If they stopped now it would be a big loss to the community. That’s my opinion anyway.

I’ll be checking in to see what’s going on, if anything, and let you know.

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