Video description:

“Roland JP-08 Korg Electribe Elektron A4 Roland TB-3 Patterning Acid Trance seq’d with Genome MIDI

The iPad Patterning app is doing a 6 bar repeating loop of 4 different patterns of syncopated snares that gives an unpredictable element to the syncopated sections at the beginning and end. I straighten things up and mute Patterning in the middle where the trance-ish 4 on the floor straight section begins.

JP-08 is playing 32nd bass notes sequenced by Genome MIDI
TB-3 is tying things together with the repeating 16 step acid pattern
Electribe is doing kick, hat, extra snares, beepboop and 1 lead
A4 is quite lonely doing only the delay laden lead in the middle”

Patterning on the app store:

Genome MIDI on the app store:

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