B-Step MIDI tricks (no sound, please read the comments) (video)

Roland JP-08 Korg Electribe Elektron A4 Roland TB-3 Patterning Acid Trance seq’d with Genome MIDI (video)

Video description:

“Roland JP-08 Korg Electribe Elektron A4 Roland TB-3 Patterning Acid Trance seq’d with Genome MIDI

The iPad Patterning app is doing a 6 bar repeating loop of 4 different patterns of syncopated snares that gives an unpredictable element to the syncopated sections at the beginning and end. I straighten things up and mute Patterning in the middle where the trance-ish 4 on the floor straight section begins.

JP-08 is playing 32nd bass notes sequenced by Genome MIDI
TB-3 is tying things together with the repeating 16 step acid pattern
Electribe is doing kick, hat, extra snares, beepboop and 1 lead
A4 is quite lonely doing only the delay laden lead in the middle”

Patterning on the app store:

Genome MIDI on the app store:

Lifted-Up-Over-Sounding – @ Soundlab PlaySpace (video)

Video description:

“Performing with my Crowded Planet app on iPad at the Soundlab Play Space event at Nesta, London.”

Just to be clear, I actually recorded this on my iPhone at the SoundLab Play Space in November. This was a totally amazing performance and you should really check out Robert’s app, it has incredible depth and beauty to it.

The basic app is free, but the whole thing is worth the small in app purchase.

This is the best news …


GeoShred App Preview short (video)

Auxy for iPhone demo (video)

Howl: A formant synthesizer is on the app store now

Free and quite interesting sounding too. Might have to give this one a try.

HOWL is a simple vocoder/synthesizer. It uses formants to simulate the human voice and a pitch-space keyboard to help you find interesting melodies.


  • Simple synthesizer (just a sawtooth wave nothing too complicated okay)
  • Simple vocoder (four banks of five cascading bandpass filters, a bit like the Klatt engine)
  • Adjustable pitch-space keyboard
  • Cool FX (bitcrush, reverb and vibrato)

HOWL is also open source (check out the code at https://github.com/dclelland/HOWL). Send me a pull request!

HOWL is free on the app store:

Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (European Trailer)

DrumPerfect Pro is coming …


Patchblocks Keyblock – First Prototype (video)

Video description:

“Here you can see the first working prototype of the upcoming Keyblock. Thanks to J S for sharing your DIY version earlier this month.”

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