midiSTEPs v1.1 update details and video

Video description:

“midiSTEPs v1.1 update, some cool new features including random step triggers, random variations of note length and velocity, AudioBus, keyboards restricted to major/minor scales, and Audio Unit Extension hosting.”


  • Set random trigger probability, per step
  • Set randomization of velocity and length of notes, per part
  • Keyboard can be limited to a major or minor scale
  • Keyboard goes two octaves lower
  • Auto-hold option for press step screen, set in Settings app
  • Audiobus

Bonus feature: AU Extension hosting!
Please note:

  • this is an experimental feature for a new iOS 9 API, keep expectations in check
  • that said, it’s a whole lot of fun…
  • there is currently only one released synthesizer AU Extension, iSEM
  • you can run multiple instances of iSEM within midiSTEPs, automate parameters per step, and more
  • AU extension effects are not currently supported, just synths
  • certain things can sometimes cause clicks with iSEM: fast runs of notes, ties with some patches, etc
  • if using multiple AU parts, use the audio mixer popup to lower individual parts and overall volume to avoid clipping
  • experiment with audio buffer size, other AU extensions when they’re released, recording via AB and let me know what works and what doesn’t
  • this is a step towards the future but it’s not ready for your live set yet… experiment in your spare time and have fun

Plus, the ever popular other misc fixes and improvements.

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