Link is arriving now

Apps are starting to arrive wit Ableton Link. I’m seeing the updates come through right now. Here’s what I can see already:

I’m sure more will be coming through imminently too. As I see them I’ll post about them.

Sugar Bytes Unique on the Samsung S6 (external sequencer) (video)

Video description:

“Monotribe synced to a Korg SQ-1 sequencer, which triggers the Sugar Bytes Unique on the Samsung Galaxy S6.”


Anyone know anything about this on Android? I would’ve thought this was a big thing really.

Interested in the littleBits web simulator? Take a look at this

I think that this could be brilliant, and actually I do wonder why littleBits haven’t made this themselves. Really it should be a part of their iOS app.

Anyway, if you’re interested in it, take a look at the GitHub page and check the roadmap.

Amplitube Acoustic setup and features with iRig Acoustic (video)

Video description:

“In this video I go through the very simple setup of Amplitube Acoustic with iRig Acoustic, and go through the main features of the software. Using Airserver software I have screencasted from my iPad to give you a great view of the user interface. Enjoy and please subscribe.”

uFXloops features KAoTiX – Part 1 (video)

Video description:

KAoTiX is a user with incredible skills for song composing.
This video features some selected songs – also showcasing the pattern based work in uFXloops.

Samples attribution
# Creative Commons Attributable Samples
2-oct-a, original Author: kyster,
be-kick-001, original Author: sandyrb,
crb-snare-001, original Author: sandyrb,
guitar-nylon-open-d3, original Author: digifishmusic,
guitar-nylon-open-e4, original Author: digifishmusic,
2-oct-c, original Author: kyster,
2-oct-e, original Author: kyster,
guitar-nylon-open-g3, original Author: digifishmusic,
guitar-nylon-open-b3, original Author: digifishmusic,
crash-2l-ff, original Author: minorr,
layered12, original Author: deep into perspectives,
simplesaw, original Author: alfa,
organ3_vib, original Author: mancini,
be-kick-001, original Author: sandyrb,
hh13inkz-blsc-v03, original Author: quartertone,
crb-snare-001, original Author: sandyrb,
prac-ride-bell-loud, original Author: TicTacShutUp,
plucked strings, original Author: mancini,

Reminder: App sale page

Just a little reminder to check the app sale page every once in a while. It is about as up to date as it can be for now and I will be trying to keep it up to date most days. Of course, if there’s anything wrong just let me know.

MIDI Designer tutorial series

These form a very useful series of videos for working with MIDI Designer, so I thought I should post them all together. It’s one of those apps that I know people find it difficult to get to grips with so stuff like this video series is really handy.

If you don’t know MIDI designer, you can find it here on the app store.

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