Roland brings us a game, TR-REC has arrived, and that was a surprise …

Well, that was a shock, I didn’t see that coming, a new music app from Roland, yes, but a music game! That’s unusual. Here are all the details …

Sensational new game for music making, a first of its kind!
Synchronizing to an array of dance music rhythms, enjoy the challenge of completing powerful dynamic beats using one of the most famous and unique composition tools of today’s dance music.

Quick to start
Just complete a rhythm by following the “GUIDE”

Watch your time, it’s the key to winning the game
Complete each rhythm within the target time.
The faster you finish, the higher your score!

Win Medals (Coins)
Hit a high score and win medals

Rich library of Dance Music
Enjoy a variety of dance music genres on each stage.

Start the game with a simple rhythm. After you master the basics, step it up by moving onto the next level. The rhythms for each level will be progressively more complex and sure to entertain both beginners and the most experienced of music makers in Dance Music.

* Monetize in applications (Restore Life, Expand Life, Release Stage etc.)
* Functions to upload to SNS

Roland’s TR-REC is free on the app store:

Final call: Audulus launch price ends imminently!

The launch price of $14.99 (£10.99) is still live (I’ve just checked) but it ends tonight, so I thought I’d remind you.

Rytmik Ultimate, Setting Up and Getting Started, for iPad (video)

Let’s Play with Korg iDS-10 for iPhone (Patch Design & Commentary)

Video description:

“Korg’s iDS-10 is much more than just a port of the classic Nintendo DS cart. It may look like a simple subtractive synth, but I push it far beyond that to create a Wavetable synth Bass, FM synth Lead, Formant synth Pad!”

Riff Maestro – Your mobile Guitar Teacher – Overview (video)

Video description:

“Introducing Riff Maestro, the amazing free riff learning app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android that puts the power of your own personal guitar instructor right in your pocket. Now you can load up your favorite songs, set loop points, slow down riffs and pick ‘em out note for note until you’re a maestro yourself.”

Once in Borderlands Granular (video)

Video description:

“Re-inventing a famous Christmas carol in the ‘Borderlands Granular ‘Ipad App.”

Frobulator 1.1 brings lots of new features

Frobulator 1.1 is here. Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI CCs for all the effect parameters
  • easily change the default CC assignments with MIDI learn
  • set the MIDI channel and other options in the iOS Settings, with a direct link from the info screen
  • iOS 9 multitasking is now supported in both split screen and slide-over modes
  • you can enable background even when it’s not connected to Audiobus or IAA
  • improved automatic muting behaviour, and added option to disable it entirely
  • improved audio tidying up on termination
  • updated to Audiobus 2.3.1

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