MidiMetro arrives

MidiMetro arrives. Built on the midibus library. Here are all the details:

Simply the most accurate, MIDI clock driven metronome available on iOS.

  • sample accurate metronome (to 0.0226 millisecond resolution)
  • use standalone or synced to external MIDI clock source
  • can be synced internally or via MIDI clock from third party hardware or application
  • backgroundable, virtual MIDI support
  • nudge control that lets you nudge the metronome audio forward (or back if driven by MidiBus)
  • Inter-app Audio instrument; insert into IAA host apps like musicIO, Cubasis or Auria
  • responds to MIDI clock, Song Position Pointer (SPP) and time signature
  • sends MIDI notes out so can trigger metronome sounds on third party hardware or apps.

MidiMetro was designed as a companion app to the MidiBus app (keep a lookout for forthcoming bundle) in order to add reliable audible timing to the most stable MIDI clock on iOS. Syncing to the MidiBus app adds the following advantages:

  • MidiBus location and time signature are mirrored in MidiMetro
  • nudge the metronome sound backwards as well as forwards

Our aim was to craft a metronome built around accuracy and external MIDI control. With this paradigm we have been able to devise a mathematical method for ensuring the metronome audio is bang on time with the MIDI clock signal along with a mechanism for dealing with transient jitter. Even when running internally, MidiMetro is generating and slaving to its own MIDI clock; a ‘pure’ architectural model.

MidiMetro is built using the MidiBus iOS/OS-X developer MIDI library. See http://midib.us

MidiMetro costs $2.99 on the app store:

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