It is a huge achievement for Disquiet to have reached 19 years

I am so impressed. PalmSounds is almost 10 years old and Disquiet has been going for almost twice as long as that. It is an amazing achievement and a great site and resource. If you haven’t visited Disquiet, then let me recommend it to you. Go visit now!


LP-5 and MoDrum with Ableton Link (video)

Video description:

LP-5 (iPad) and MoDrum (iPhone) are synchronized via Ableton Link (*) over WLAN. MoDrum sends MIDI Clock to the BeatStep hardware sequencer, which in turn triggers MoDrum’s Kick and Snare.

(*) Coming soon to the App Store!

LP-5/MoDrum: http://finger-pro.com

Ableton Link is a new technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live and Link-enabled iOS apps over a wireless network. It lets you play devices together with the freedom of a live band. Anyone can start and stop their part while others keep playing, and anyone can adjust the tempo and the rest will follow.
You can use Link to play with several instances of Ableton Live, with Live and iOS apps, or even without Live in your setup: using Link- enabled apps on multiple devices, or multiple apps on the same device.”


This is going to be amazing for Android …



Don’t forget, that Audulus half price launch offer ends on Tuesday!



App Sales Page updated

Just to let you know that I’ve just updated the App Sale Page with the two versions of Votan Telepathay, which are 25% off until the 1st of Jan.


MiMiX – Mixer for Audiobus 2.1 brings adjustable send outputs for each port

A nice but small update update for MiMiX bringing adjustable send outputs for each port and an update to the latest Audiobus SDK (2.3.1).


Borderlands Granular and Ostinator Looper Demo (video)

Borderlands Granular on the app store:

Ostinator Looper on the app store:


A useful guide to trackers and to SunVox in particular

Trackers can be hard to get to grips with and Sunvox is no exception. So I thought that this might be useful for anyone wondering how to get started. It’s a useful link.


Audulus – Speed Patching 2 (video)


MidiMetro arrives

MidiMetro arrives. Built on the midibus library. Here are all the details:

Simply the most accurate, MIDI clock driven metronome available on iOS.

  • sample accurate metronome (to 0.0226 millisecond resolution)
  • use standalone or synced to external MIDI clock source
  • can be synced internally or via MIDI clock from third party hardware or application
  • backgroundable, virtual MIDI support
  • nudge control that lets you nudge the metronome audio forward (or back if driven by MidiBus)
  • Inter-app Audio instrument; insert into IAA host apps like musicIO, Cubasis or Auria
  • responds to MIDI clock, Song Position Pointer (SPP) and time signature
  • sends MIDI notes out so can trigger metronome sounds on third party hardware or apps.

MidiMetro was designed as a companion app to the MidiBus app (keep a lookout for forthcoming bundle) in order to add reliable audible timing to the most stable MIDI clock on iOS. Syncing to the MidiBus app adds the following advantages:

  • MidiBus location and time signature are mirrored in MidiMetro
  • nudge the metronome sound backwards as well as forwards

Our aim was to craft a metronome built around accuracy and external MIDI control. With this paradigm we have been able to devise a mathematical method for ensuring the metronome audio is bang on time with the MIDI clock signal along with a mechanism for dealing with transient jitter. Even when running internally, MidiMetro is generating and slaving to its own MIDI clock; a ‘pure’ architectural model.

MidiMetro is built using the MidiBus iOS/OS-X developer MIDI library. See http://midib.us

MidiMetro costs $2.99 on the app store: