More good things coming for midiLFOs and midiSTEPs



midiLFOs on the app store:

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Papernoise worked on the new Audulus 3

Interesting to know that Papernoise worked on the UI for the new Audulus 3 which comes out on the 8th of this month. Just a couple of days away.

I get the feeling that this is going to be a big release for Audulus. You can read more at the Papernoise blog.

The story first came out at Matrixsynth.

Good things coming with Audulus 3, and there’s not long to wait now either

With the Audulus 3 launch coming along on the 8th, Bimini Road has published another two videos showing some interesting features and ideas.

First of all Audulus Jittery Euclidean Drums:

Video description:

“This is a demonstration of the Jitter Loop module in Audulus 3 (available on the forum after release) used to humanize a rhythm part for 4-sound drum machine patch.”

Another video from Bimini Road, Cyclone Matrix:

Video description:

“This is a video demonstration of a unique way to employ the Cyclone Matrix Mixer.”

And finally, some live patching …

Spinphony appears to be something that I’ve missed

I was convinced that I’d seen and posted about this app before. However, it appears that I’m wrong and that this is the first time I’m seen it. It looks really interesting, just the kind of odd thing I’d be in to.

So, I’m going to try it out, you might want to as well. It is free. Here are all the details and the latest update

Your pictures, your music.

Spinphony treats your pictures as records. Load any image and hear it become a catchy song, soothing groove or quirky melody.

Load a photo and Spinphony’s 3 tone generators analyze the colors in the image as it rotates. Modify volume mix, pitch and tone as the image spins.

The songs Spinphony creates are sonic renditions of the images that document your life. Musicians can use Spinphony for new song ideas. Anyone can use Spinphony to explore the musical potential that surrounds us.

Spinphony is a digital version of a series of sound sculptures created by New York City artist Mark Nilsen.

What’s New:


  • New sound bank with classic analog synth filter.
  • New button now randomizes synth presets when loading a fresh photo to coerce new sonic ideas. This option can be toggled in the Settings
  • App on your iOS device.
  • Supports newest version of Audiobus.
  • Fixes:
  • low level distortion issue with audio filtering
  • display issues

For more info visit:

Spinphony is free at the app store:

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