This track started nine months ago. September 4, 2014. I was watching this TED talk about creativity: And the person doing the talk mentioned a story about Tom Waits (never heard his music) and a melody he couldn’t capture. As I heard that story, I ACTUALLY HEARD A MELODY. Which was awesome. And unlike Mr. Waits, I could record it in Nanoloop. Which I did. I also added a pitch-shifted recording of me saying “inspiration,” which was pretty cool. Then I lost the iPod I was jamming on. This was one of the two tracks I lost forever on that iPod. (See: things broke so heres whats left) I just got an iPhone, and somehow, it recovered the old notes I wrote on this track. And I brought back the melody on 19 July. I started at like 2 AM that day (don’t ask), and I worked more on it 20 July, taking the train to work. The drums are me tapping and blowing into the microphone. I ran out of ideas beyond that. lol.
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