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SoundLab Play Space Shout Out to: Robert Szymanek and his app Crowded Planet

We were really lucky to have Robert with us for the day at the SoundLab Play Space. He was with us in the app zone and showed his app to very receptive audience for the whole day. Not only that, but he also performed a piece from his album and app, which was truly amazing. Hopefully we’ll some video of that performance soon.

But you should really try out Robert’s app, Crowded Planet. The initial app is free, and if you want to explore it further there’s an IAP.

I have to admit that until I saw Robert perform with the app I wouldn’t have believed just how much depth there is in this app. I’m looking forward to getting some time to really dig in soon.

If you get there before me, let me know what you think.

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n-Track is getting even more interesting, and so is Songtree

n-Track has been a longtime favourite iOS DAW of mine. Also it is extremely cross platform too, sitting on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Now the n-Track developer is integrating the Songtree community too. That’s pretty awesome. In fact, that’s awesome for both.

But the story doesn’t end there, not for n-Track. It’s going to add Pd (Pure Data) support. Initially in their desktop apps, but then, once that’s stable, they’ll be rolling it out to mobile. Now, how amazing is that going to be? Pd in your mobile DAW!

Cool thing to look forward to …

So, what about Songtree? Well apart from n-Track coming to Songtree it also seems that it’s getting an integration with LoopTree! (seems to be a lot of trees here)

Which will be very useful.

All together these things are going to start to become very powerful tools indeed, and very useful integrations.

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24 apps for Christmas: 1 – nils

I was using nils just the other day, after quite a while of not using it. I had to ask myself why I hadn’t come back to it in so long? It is such a great effect app. So expressive, and of course, it has a dinosaur too. What else could you wish for?

And then of course there’s the moustache too. Of course that was a temporary thing though.

I’ve used this app with a wide variety of input sources and I always find that the results are good.

So it’s the first of my 24 apps for Christmas, and it’s a fine start indeed.

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24 books for Christmas: 1 – Creative Strategies for Making Electronic Music

I’ve been reading this book off and on and have found some parts of it very useful indeed, whilst others not so much. It is written agnostic to whether you’re a desktop or mobile user and is really about the act of creation.

It deals with a lot of issues that people come up against in the creative process and offers some good advice. So it’s worth a read in my opinion.

The book costs $9.99 on the iBooks store:

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24 devices for Christmas: 1 – The Akai Trackman

It’s kind of handy that this is still sitting on eBay all by itself and lonely. It is one big piece of mobile music history though. It’s sort of fitting that it’s number one on my list of devices for Christmas.


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Melobase 1.6.0 is here …

And here’s what’s new in Melobase 1.6:

  • The content of a sequence is now uploaded during synchronization if modified;
  • The ability to save a sequence as an audio file (AIFF format) has been added;
  • The ability to move to trash a sequence directly has been added;
  • The modulation wheel and program change events from the MIDI input are now handled;
  • The automatic gain control is now optional (available in the settings page);
  • A master level has been added (available in the settings page);
  • The exported MIDI file are now readable by all players;
  • The velocity curve has been improved;
  • Other minor improvements.

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And so Lemur is back now

Lemur returns after being off the app store for a while to fix a critical bug. Now it’s back, it’s fixed, and what’s more it’s now iPad Pro ready too. Impressive.

Lemur is a great app for testing out ideas and for creating your own controllers. If you don’t know it then now is the best time to show a little interest as it’s currently on sale for just $9.99, it used to be $24.99 before this.

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Sometimes what you can do in apps really amazes me (Analog Kit Graphic modules) (video)

Video description:

redskylullaby tells us … “A couple of Analog Kit projects with some graphic parameters linked up to some of the sound parameters. These examples can be downloaded and pulled apart in the Swap Meet section of the app.”

And it looks pretty cool doesn’t it? It sometimes makes me stop and think about just how much you can do in some apps, and just how far we’ve come in the last few years.

Analogkit on the app store:

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24 things for Christmas

I’ve done this a number of times before and 2015 is going to be no different. I meant to start this yesterday, but yesterday was busy for a whole host of reasons, so I’m going to start and catch up today.

But you may be wondering what I mean by ‘things’? Good question, well, in the past I’ve done 24 apps, but this year I’m thinking of doing a few more things, such as, books, and, devices too. That’s the plan anyway!

I’ve a bit of catching up on stuff to do and then I’ll be getting on with the ’24’ stuff. Hope you like it!

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This is still coming, and it still looks awesome


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