SoundLab Play Space: School of Noise

School of Noise were a real find. I only met them about a fortnight before the Play Space event but they were so awesome we had to have them along for the day, and luckily, they could make it.

They brought a huge array of equipment with them from littleBits to Ototo to pedals and more. They’re stuff was brilliant and what they do is incredible.

It’s strange as I missed seeing School of Noise at WOMAD this year. They ran a workshop for kids using some of the gear you can see above. I wish I’d got a chance to be at that. But even so, it was great to have them at the Play Space.

From what I could see, and the brief feedback I got, they went down a storm. I’m looking forward to working with them a bit more in the future. Stay tuned for that!

If you want to know more about the School of Noise then check their web site here.

It’s the last few days of Movember, so …

I know that I keep on about this, and I know that you’ve probably spent everything in the Black Friday sales and that you’ve gorged yourself and hopefully have expelled all your G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome for those who don’t know). But, it is still Movember! And I’d like you to still try and do something to support it, in fact any kind of support would be awesome.

I doesn’t matter if you support me Movember or someone else. It doesn’t matter at all, it’s just important to do.

So if you’d like to support me in this then just click here, and make a donation, or indeed, just donate to someone else’s campaign. If you can’t do either, then please tweet or post or whatever else you can. It’s all good, it all helps!

What to expect on Palm Sounds today

So here we are on the Sunday of the Black Friday weekend. There’s still plenty of app sales available and you can find them in the app sales page. I’ll be posting some more about the SoundLab Play Space, you can find all of those posts under the tag SLPS.

Also I’ll be returning to more regular posting too, soon enough.

Back in 2007: Larva Labs apps for T-Mobile Sidekick

I can only barely remember the platform let alone these apps, but they were quite unique back then and looked pretty amazing. I never got to try them and I don’t know what happened to Larva Labs. Here’s the original post which had some pictures of the apps too.

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