And we’re back with more stuff, and, I expect, plenty of stuff that’s on sale now in the run up to black Friday tomorrow. Be sure to check the
app sales page here as it gets updated throughout the rest of today, tomorrow, and the weekend.

A very quick thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to the SoundLab Play Space yesterday

I just wanted to get a brief thank you out to everyone who either came along to show their technology and what they do, or gave promo codes for us to give out, or helped in any other way. It was an awesome day and everyone who came seemed to have a brilliant time.

I will be posting photos and more detail about the event soon, but just wanted to say a quick thank you for now.

Sorry for the lack of posting

Yesterday was pretty full on with helping to run the SoundLab Play Space event so you might have noticed that there hasn’t been too much going on here for a day or so. I’ll be getting back to normal very soon though and our regular service will be resumed!

Back in 2007 this was a bit of a surprise

Today in 2007 Brian Whitman released Pushpin, his MIDI synth for GameBoy. This came as a bit of a surprise as he’d left the project unfinished for quite some time. Here’s the original post.

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