SoundLab Play Space Shout Out: Dentaku

I’m a big fan of Dentaku since I first of them and they started their Kickstarter campaign. We’ve had them work with us before at Heart n Soul at the 2014 Beautiful Octopus Club, so it’s great to have them back for next week’s SoundLab Play Space.

The Ototo is such a useful device and so much fun to play with. You can do pretty much anything with it. So if you’re coming along on the 25th then you’ve got a real treat in store for you with Ototo from Dentaku.

SoundLab Play Space Shout Out: Audanika

I wanted to take a little opportunity to say a thank you to some of the firms who are supporting the SoundLab Play Space next week.

Audanika have been really generous in providing us with codes for our App Space. Audanika have given us codes for SoundPrism Pro, SoundPrism Electro, and SoundPrism Electro Mini, all of which are excellent apps to help people to start to make music and so they fit really well with a project like SoundLab.

I’ve been a fan of SoundPrism Pro since the day it came out, and I still am, it’s such an expressive instrument, and you can really loose hours just playing with it. So I’m looking forward to sharing it with the audience at the SoundLab Play Space next week, and once again, a massive thank you to Audanika for supporting us.

iRig Acoustic – The first acoustic guitar mobile microphone/interface

Don’t forget: Module for iPhone launch price

That’s right, Module for iPhone is still at it’s launch price until the November 30! Sale Price US$19.99 (Regular price US$29.99)

SoundCloud group of the week is the Loopseque group

iSEM now an AudioUnit

iSEM Synthesizer is now an AudioUnit Extension. Very cool indeed.

Don’t forget that iMaschine 2 is on it’s launch price until the 1st

You can get iMaschine 2 from Native Instruments at 50% off the normal price (just $4.99 rather than $9.99) until the 1st of December. Find it on the app store by clicking below.

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