Synthmaster Player Sounds Of The World Soundpack Demo for iPad (video)

midiSequencer update on the way


Video recording coming to Monovista!

Which is going to be completely awesome isn’t it!

Yonac’s Steel Guitar is currently free

Yonac have made their Steel Guitar app free for a while to celebrate the 2.2 version arriving. 2.2 includes:

  • Optimized for iPad Pro
  • Addresses sample rate compatibility issue with certain new devices
  • Provides both landscape orientations
  • Other improvements, fixes & optimizations

haQ attaQ 99 – Synthesized Throat singing – Tutorial (video)

Video description:

“Synthesized Throat singing! In this modulation tutorial, I am showing you a way to simulate throat singing with a synthesizer.”

Tiger Lily Tremolo, Demo for iPad, Superb

Nodebeat & Expert Sleepers FH-1 – Generative Eurorack Demo (video)

Video description:

“Generative patch, Expert Sleepers FH-1 converting 4 pitch/gate pairs from Nodebeat and sequencing:

  • Square = Mutable instruments Peaks (DMC firmware) random kick
  • Red circle = Mutable instruments Braids ‘Harm’ algorithm
  • Green circle = Mutable instruments Braids ‘wtx4’ algorithm
  • Blue circle = Intellijel Shapeshifter chords processed by Shelves”

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