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Why didn’t I know about Gemma (universal) it reminds me a bit of Tabletop

I haven’t noticed this app before, but it sort of reminds me of Tabletop a bit, but as a universal app rather than just for the iPad. I’m quite intrigued and I think I’ll try it out soon.

Anyway, for now here’s the app description …

Gemma turns your iOS devices into a growing collection of music making apps that you can use simultaneously to create music at ease.

The app offers the ultimate collection of musical apps all right in your mobile device. Each of these musical apps are called Gems. New Gems are constantly being developed and added to the Gem Store. You can experiment with powerful touch instruments such as synthesizers, drum pads, ambient sound generators, sequencers, and samplers. There will be all kinds of Gems for all kinds of users. You can combine these freely to produce your own songs in the Ensemble mode – even if you’ve never played music before. Create music with your mobile device wherever you go.

What’s New

  • More instruments added
  • Core MIDI support
  • Accelerometer support

The app itself is free, but I’m expecting IAPs all over the place.

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Strip Silence — Ferrite Recording Studio (video)

Video description:

“If you have a recording of some speech with patches of silence in it (whether that’s from pauses between sentences, or maybe you’ve imported one “side” of an interview with long gaps where the other person is speaking), Strip Silence will cut those from the timeline, leaving behind separate pieces that you can move around.”

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Attack Drums 1.1 brings MIDI sync and more

Here’s what’s new in Attack Drums 1.1:

  • iOS 9 bug fixed
  • MIDI Settings for in- and outgoing connections
  • MIDI Sync
  • IAA Control View
  • Loop Mode
  • Audiobus SDK 2.2.2
  • AudioCopy SDK 3.1
  • Adjustable preferred buffer size
  • and much more…

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IK Multimedia iRig PRO DUO and FLUX by Belew App Reviews by Sweetwater (video)

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Why the web browser has gone from AudioShare

I’ll miss it actually, I thought it was really handy, but it’s gone and that’s it. If you’re interested in finding out why it has gone, then take a look here.

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Volca sample with Retrokits RK-002 Midiator (video)

Video description:

“Just an example what you can do with the RK-002. The RK-002 splits single MIDI channel notes to the 10 MIDI channels required by the Volca Sample.
More info at http://www.retrokits.com/rk002

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ToneStack 2.1 is iPad Pro ready

Here’s what’s new in ToneStack 2.1:

  • Updated for the new iPad Pro!
  • Devices are getting more and more powerful, so we’re introducing a 64-frame latency option for superfast audio throughput. (Go to Audio Prefs -> Buffer Size, use wisely.)
  • Drastic optimization for the binary size: The new ToneStack takes up approximately half the storage space.
  • More robust sample rate change handling
  • As always, improvements wherever needed

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Monotribe = Nanoloop CV Style Sync Cables (video)

Video description:

“As of version 1.7.2 and 2.7.5, nanoloop supports CV sync with analog gear like Korg’s Monotribe and the Volca series through a simple wire connection
Plug the cable between the sync out and the gameboys link port.

You can get a cable here:https://evadeanddualitymicro.bandcamp.com/merch/korg-monotribe-volca-sync-gameboy-dmg01-cable-for-nanoloop-lsdj

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Large Figures


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