SoundCloud’s new app isn’t available for iOS as yet, but why?

So there’s been lots of news about SoundCloud’s new creator app called Pulse (wasn’t there a LinkedIn app by the same name?), but it’s come to Android first, which, in my view, is a little odd. Does it strike you as odd?

Given that their first mobile app was for iOS it seems strange to bring this to Android first off. I don’t get it. Surely they’ve got lots more people creating on iOS than creating using Android? Did I miss something here?

To be honest I can’t say that I’ve really understood what they were up to for some time, so I guess that this shouldn’t be a big surprise really.

I’ll be interested to see what it’s like when it does come to iOS and what it does.

Bimini Road – Audulus Patch – The Interlacer (Preview)

Video description:

“Music: “Greenish Blue” by Jody Golick – made entirely in Audulus”

Using Bookmarks — Ferrite Recording Studio (video)

Video description:

“You can add “bookmarks” during a recording with a single tap — each one makes a note of the time. Later, you can add notes to them, and jump to them inside an editing project.”

And this is big too …


BeatMaker 2.5.8 is Pro and more

Here’s what’s new in the latest version of BeatMaker 2:

  • iPad Pro ready !
  • Fix iOS9 issues
  • Fix iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S+ / iPod Touch 6G issues
  • BeatMaker 2 is now fully 64-bits optimized on supported devices
  • Update Audiobus to version 2.2.3b2-4
  • Fix an issue with the pattern editor
  • Minor improvements

So, where’s BeatMaker 3 then?

Wow, now that’s big!


Don’t forget that strng is still on sale to support Movember

Hey, don’t forget that strng is on sale until tomorrow. It’s an awesome app from an awesome developer and it’s half price.

This will be the fourth year that I’ve been involved in Movember, and if you want to support me and donate to Movember, then you can take a look at my MoBro page right here. If you head over there you’ll also find the latest pictures of my mustache this year, and my attempt at a monkey tail mustache yesterday!

So, you’ve got options. Support Movember by buying strng, which is 50% off and down from $1.99 to just $0.99! Or, if you’ve got strng already, donate here.

How easy is that?

Here’s strng on the app store, click below …

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