“Rippling” Inserts & Deletes — Ferrite Recording Studio (video)

Video description:

“It can often be helpful to “ripple” a track when you insert or delete some audio in your project — it pushes or pulls the other audio along by the duration of the clip. It’s easier to demo than to explain, so here’s a demo of it in use.”

Poseidon Synth from Virsyn, Demo for the iPad (video)

haQ attaQ 98 – Poseidon Synth – first impression (video)

Fades & Crossfades — Ferrite Recording Studio

Video description:

“How to fade clips in and out, and crossfade between them, in Ferrite Recording Studio”

Audio Damage Odio and IOS Apps: Ep3 – VirSyn Tap Delay (video)

Video description:

“This is the third video about Audio Damage Eurorack Module Odio and IOS Stuff. In this video, I connected my iPad with VirSyn Tap Delay App to the Audio Damage Odio Module. I want to show you how easy IOS Effects integrates into EuroRack Modular Synthesizers.

Odio is a 2-in 2-out USB audio interface that runs at modular audio levels, designed primarily for use with iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Easily integrate iPad effects and instruments in to your modular rig for live performance or sketchpad recording, or use a Microsoft Surface Pro or netbook and a simple host to use VST plug-in effects as inserts in your modular.”

Zero Reverb by Blamsoft, The First AU Plug In for the iPad (video)

Korg New microKEY AND microKEY AIR (video)

Video description:

“Korg brings you even more compact controller options with the new microKEY and microKEY AIR Series:

microKEY can be completely powered by an iPad or iPhone and now offers a pedal input for sustain (micoKEY25 offers a sustain button). There’s also a new 49-key version for the two-handed player that still wants compact.

microKEY AIR – To accommodate simpler and quicker setups, or to simply unwire and unclutter your rig, the microKEY Air series features Apple’s Wireless Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) standard, which provides long battery life and extremely low latency! They also have standard USB connections.

Both come with a comprehensive software bundle to advance your plug in library, or serve as your starting point to making music using your computer or iOS device!

For more information, please visit

GuitarTone 2.9 arrives

GuitarTone 2.9 isn’t a massive update as you’ll see below. However, the interesting thing here is the upcoming new hardware. That sounds very cool indeed.

  • Updated for iOS 9.
  • Added support for upcoming GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini.

Audulus Patch – CRT Monitor – 8*8 Proof of Concept (video)

Video description:

“This is a proof-of-concept illustrating the optional monitor node that will work with the Audonome. The monitor will be used to display mode and menu information. It can also be used as a glitchy visualizer.”

“Akita” a Nanoloop song by P.S. 153 and Doc Pop (video)

Video description:

“This song was created while hanging out with the bright kids at Public School 153 in The Bronx. I was teaching a workshop on how to make music on a phone with Nanoloop and asked the kids to clap their hands and shout “Akita”, the name of their school’s mascot. I had a blast!

Speaking of P.S. 153, they are doing a fund raiser to help bring ROBOTS TO THE SCHOOL! Check it out here http://www.donorschoose.org/project/robot-invasion-iv-the-end-of-the-trilog/1765769/?rf=link-siteshare-2015-11-teacher-teacher_691947&challengeid=121455

Get Nanoloop here: http://nanoloop.de/

Watch my Nanoloop Mobile Tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdlJuojjuUg

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